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I Rock With Tee Shirt


We have two strict policies at Tragic American headquarters.

  • No ska versions of Zeppelin songs
  • Only one tee shirt design at a time


Okay, so we've broken the first rule, but not the second. We only print a few tee shirts in a particular design and when they are gone, they are gone. We won't reprint the same pattern. Ever. Again.

Each I Rock With Tragic Americans tee is pre-washed black cotton, printed locally (to us), and sports the design number. These are the same style of tee shirt sported by caring rockers who like the feel on their nipples. We know we do and you will too. Just a few sizes are still available. Get yours while you can.

Note: We have limited numbers of size Small (S) and Large (L) left. They are for sale at the live shows or by contacting us via email.